Alpro International





To create a new platform allowing Alpro to re-affirm its leadership, through the development and augmentation of its product range, going beyond soya based products.

Brand vision

To create of the new global identity that re-positions the brand by re-enforcing the healthy aspect relating to the power of plants, and allows the brand to increase it’s product offer for new and existing consumers. To include new non-soya based alternatives, to the brand’s already well-known, soya based product range.

Design solution

By creating a new healthier icon and increasing the ‘plant power’ dimension, the new design increases the freshness and natural aspect of the product positioning, constructing a positive and pure image through the use of white and the introduction of an additional holistic white light piercing through the leaves. To further underline the positioning change, the ‘soya’ mention, in the previous logo block, has also been replaced by a new more global descriptor; ‘enjoy plant power’.