Dupont de Nemours





To enhance perceived value through communication and design, by building on the history and notoriety of DuPont’s existing chemical, protective suit brand ‘TYVEK’, also to re-invent the brand and allow the launch of new product alternatives.

Brand vision

Clearly, it was important to concentrate on communicating product differentiation and bring out product benefits, in order to allow the brand to stand out from it’s competitors and help the user to understand the level of protection offered by each garment in the range.

Design solution

In order to create effective communication and to highlight the features and benefits of each garment, we re-assessed the packaging, garment labelling and range architecture, allowing us to propose a communication program that included the development of usage icons, clear colour coding and an more effective design structure.

Optional extra…
The new design promotes understanding and creates a clear brand territory, offering immediate differentiation from competitive products and reflects the innovative nature of the products in the range.