Nutrition et Santé




The Weight Care product line needed to be refreshed, but also needed to be better understood as a range developed for losing or controlling one’s weight. Reaching a wide audience was important, as well as being perceived as an everyday product that can appeal to everyone.

Brand Vision

As a brand, Weight Care was looking for more of a lifestyle approach. They wanted to be seen as a range that brings a sense of positivity while remaining an effective product.

Design Solution

We modernized the range while retaining the brand’s essence. Blue is still the dominant colour, but is more nuanced. Shades and curves make the packaging less strict, bringing a fun notion to this slimming product. The logo has also slightly changed. The promise is showcased in a tape measure, which makes the essence of the product immediately visible. The female presence, which we retained, brings an emotional touch to the range. Of course the product’s taste appeal has been strengthened, so that losing weight remains synonymous with enjoyment.