Risso (VDM Foodservice)





Vandemoortele Foodservice distributes products for the commercial foodservice - catering food, chip shops (friteries), as well as social catering (community kitchens and kitchens within companies...). Cold sauces form one of these ranges.

Brand Vision

Even if there is no act of in-store purchase, to have eye-catching and attractive products in the kitchen, on a countertop or on a meal tray remains very important. Therefore, the foodservice packaging needs to be made up of both functional and appealing attributes.

Design Solution

In a professional kitchen, when a chef looks for a product within the refrigerator or on the shelf, time is of the essence, making clear and precise product information delivery essential. In this situation, clear ingredient communication takes precedence over the use of photographic serving suggestions. Bearing this in mind, our creative work concentrates on arousing appetite appeal through simplicity and modernity. Highlighting the natural ingredients on white background in keeping with the artistic signature of the chef’s art on the plate. A key colour coded teardrop highlights the variety communication.