Silver epda Award


Our distinctive work has won THE silver epda award for a premium futuristic alcohol packaging concept…

CONCEPT: Floating premium vodka bottle.

BRAND: Soar®.

A stunningly unreal experience, to witness this beautiful ethereal glass and chrome vessel,
seamlessly floating in mid air !
The viewer will be intrigued by not only “how?” this is happening, but also by “what is it?”
as all “regular” bottle codes are hidden by the smooth chrome base.
SOAR is an expensive, triple distilled Vodka for the mature connoisseur, made with water
harvested from the depths of outer space in the form of space ice (around 880 kilometres
from Earth) … hence :- the 88% proof alcohol content. The exact same water that the
current Russian Cosmonauts are drinking on their deep space mission.
The “magic” is achieved through Earthly science. A Magnetic Base accompanies this
elegant bottle to achieve the levitation, it interacts with the metallic base, thus giving the
impression of the vessel to be “floating in space”.
But be careful, drink in moderation, or you too could have a SOAR head in the morning 🙂

TARGET GROUP: 30 yrs +